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so it becomes apparent to all that i am one of few thats not attenting the stereosonic festivities tomorow, so im sitting here at 11pm by myself drinking, and reminising on past festivals.
one act i'll be spewing im not gonna be able to see would have to be crookers
these guys are boarderline mainstream these days but never fail to deliever amazing tracks time and time again and turn something good into something epic
aswell as this another reson im kicking myself for not grabbing a ticket, the bloody beetroots, no explaination needed for that one...
alot of you may have these but for those who havent you should deffintely have a look
some of my favourites atm of the newest tracks and will deffiently brighten your day
or make it worse for you? if your not attending tomorow
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(In this picture: Crookers)

beep beep beep- tiga (crookers remix)

raven-the proxy (crookers remix)

wassup wassup-diplo ft kelis (crookers remix)

bounce-MSTRKRFT (the bloody beetroots remix)

mind dimension-tiga (the bloody beetroots remix)

thats all for tonight kids

something for the trip in tomorow



mmm so hot you wanna vakkumeee?

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yooo my names Aaron 20 year old from syd.
my main aim is to post no bullshit posts, straight to the point, music you love and music i love.
sooo considering im kinda new at this, for my first post i thought id introduce someone new to you all... his names wyatt peck, a friend of mine from the US and is djing under the name vakkuum.

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track 1
an accumaltion of clips from the ever popular warp track by tbbs, alot of djs have thrashed this and over worked it, this version is simple, fun, and a little more errr vocal?
warp1977-the bloody beetroots (vakkuum and cookE monster edit)

track 2
second tracks pretty self explainatory, bit more tech than the first
rock on-polymorphic (vakkuum edit)

vakkuum on myspace music

p.s a little classic to fill your friday night
gettin you feelin all thug and what not

bad boys for life-p diddy (La mode bad mutha fuckas fuckup remix)