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(in this picture: Afrojack)

Now come on... I must admit don't we all love a club "favorite" song. Many of us consider it cheesy or uncool yet we all loose our shit when the crowd goes wild; when world renown deejays drop these so called popular songs at clubs or festivals. They are loved and popular for a reason because they're so damn good! I'm well aware that we sample tracks mainly that are still underground however there comes a time where stepping into the mainstream and commercial realm is necessary to recognize the talent of these other phenomenal producers that everyone loves.

One such name that's recently caught my attention would have to be Netherlands born dj/producer AFROJACK for his big club anthems. Find below the remixes for you to listen and/or download.

He is also on Tour with Ministry of Sound Australia Click on link for Sydney show - AFROJACK @ JACKED - IVY, SYDNEY

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